Friday, May 14, 2010

A 1930's Restroom Break...........

This is at the same restaurant in Houston, mentioned above.....I need to do more research on these doors (as The Deconstructed House currently has a great selection of these doors currently for sale - ranging from $25-$50). I've haven't yet seen these doors as individual, stall doors, and if I do, I will be careful photographing in a public restroom setting......promise! I think that would be a great use for them. From my experience working with single family residential houses in Atlanta, I believe they were commonly installed in the 1930's. They are incredibly heavy, durable, and often found with multiple layers of paint (sometimes lead). Our services can include the safe removal and legal disposal of lead paint, prior to purchase. This is important, particularly if young children will be in proximity to the pieces.

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