Friday, March 15, 2013

Awesome Deconstruction and Demolition Project

North Buckhead Estate Demolition making way for New Construction + Conscientious Buyer of Demolition Services + Green-Minded Builder = Significant Waste Diversion Rates!

Fantastic Demolition and Deconstruction Effort, Resulting in landfill diversion:

Approximately 40 Tons Cut Granite Blocks
Approximately 40 Yards Construction and Demolition including:
Interior Solid Wood Interior Doors
Interior Trim
Cabinet Faces
Interior Cabinetry
Heat/AC Units
All Interior Hardware
Front Porch Columns
Exterior Wood Shutters
Exterior Door and Glass Surround
Iron Railings
Landscape Bricks
Interior Light Fixtures
Exterior Light Fixtures
All of that.....
and the Kitchen Sink!